KUUMBA Saturday School ages 2 to 13

Learning through fun and discovery program.

Guest Presenters: Peruvians Musicians, African Percussionists, Storytellers, Musicians, Science Lab at UCLA,

Field Trips: Calif. Science Center, Cal. African American Museum, Museum of Natural History, Skating Rink, St. Elmo’s Village, Malibu Beach, Leimert Park (Entrepreneur Study of shop owners), Eso Won Bookstore, Organic gardening at Morningside High School, Inglewood, Pan African Film Festival (2 years), Temescal Canyon nature study

Created a line greeting cards using Adinkra symbols and themes of West Africa

Community Fundraisers/Saturday School

Gwen Gorg – The Journey of Biddie Mason Story

Concerts – Mama Byars, Tim McAfee-Lewis


Season for Non-Violence Local Hero presented to Dr. Rickie Byars Beckwith and the KUUMBA Team for their selfless service to children of the Los Angeles Community

Parade Marshall Invitation - Central City East District (Skidrow) 2011 extended to Dr. Rickie Byars Beckwith in honor of the KUUMBA Team and their selfless service to children, parents and individuals of Skidrow