Bringing more than twenty-five years of experience working with families as a parenting facilitator, a rites of passage program developer and a community organizer, Estella’s goal is to be a beneficial presence on the earth.

A lover of travel, people, children, and a practitioner of the healing arts, she is so grateful to spend her life full-filling her passions. Being true to her nature and creatively sharing her gifts of knowing, her life intent is to strengthen a community from the inside-out. Through working with families, the community is healed. As a spiritual practitioner, her approach is growing goodness and facilitating individual growth through workshops, parenting classes, mentoring and business ventures. She is committed to service.

Kuumba is a special place with special people who serve a special need. Self-expression, Self-awareness and Self-respect, has created a family school where children from four to seventy-four want to learn, play and create. Restructuring playtime, children teaching children, developing holistic approaches to subjects will be a new paradigm for the future of our educational system.

She is a graduate of Howard University, a certified parenting facilitator and healing arts practitioner.