By education and training, IDRIS is a World Class Master Percussionist, Professor of Music and Spiritual Sciences at Agape International Spiritual Center, Music Director, Drummunicator, HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming Session Facilitator, Spiritual Healer, Shaman, Alcohol/Substance Abuse Counselor and Electrical/Civil Engineer designer.  With all of these accomplishments to his name, the title IDRIS is most passionate about and dedicated to is that of (CCO) Chief Consciousness Officer/ (MDT) Music Director Therapist.

(CCO) Chief Consciousness Officer/ (MDT) Music Director Therapist is a title he is not only very proud of but also one he is perfectly suited for.  IDRIS history and life experiences have amply qualified him for this position. As the survivor of 4 brain tumors, 3 separate brain tumors and invasive neurosurgeries for the removal of these brain tumors, 1 self healed using the Drummunication Transformational Experience (DTE), and Guided Drummeditation Healing (GDH) Method, Science of Mind 6 Step Spiritual Mind Treatment, New Thought, Ancient Wisdom, Spiritual principals, there is literally no one on the planet who has survived such experiences. He was pronounced dead on three separate occasions and garnered great wisdom during his time spent on “the other side of the veil”. IDRIS has profound and vivid memories of being in this “Unconditionally Loving Divine Light” and calls upon this light to help guide the individuals he works with. Because of his powerful connection with Spirit, he is able to channel significant information for the persons involved in Projects. He truly is a beacon of Light who continuously, patiently and lovingly guides Projects, it’s partners, clients and the world forward in their growth and development.

Ever since his first surgery 30 years ago, his doctors told him that he would most likely not survive surgery, and if he did, he stood a very strong chance of being a vegetable the rest of his life.  He courageously underwent each surgery and worked his way back to a fully functional life, relearning how to walk and talk all over again each time.  He was diagnosed with his 4th brain tumor on March 6th 2007.  He decided not to undergo another surgery and has successfully healed this condition with the application of his own healing programs and the assistance of some world-renowned healers.  In fact, it is because of his own miraculous healing experiences with drums and percussion that he has developed an amazing program, Drummunication Transformational Experience, to help move others into Perfect Health, Wellness, and Healing for Wholeness, no matter what their present Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional condition.

It is IDRIS dream to one day live in a world where the title (CCO) Chief Consciousness Officer is as common as President or CEO.  He knows that as individuals and companies’ with similarities step into higher consciousness, this planet can truly be a place where peace and love abounds and all people are being the greatest manifestation of their being!