College For Life Seminars 2011 – LA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

Our KUUMBA team designed weekly seminars for LAUSD Central High School @ Sojourner Truth campus.  A once a week 2.5-hour program sought to inspire greater joy of learning through catering to what the students loved to do.  The measurable fruits of the success of this endeavor resulted in:

1. Our Culinary Team under the direction of Chef Ricky Cryer, weekly prepared full vegan meals for students and Staff of Central High. Guidance regarding healthier food choices, food combining, and the ways to heal our bodies by eating a plant-based diet – all took place as the students prepared and served delicious and nutritious meals for all to enjoy.

2. Our Documentary Film Team under the direction of Jeff Kushner, Sound Director for both television and film. This team wrote the story and filmed the journey of a student matriculating through Central High School. They discussed honestly the fears they faced everyday in just coming to school. All the students at the close of the June 2011 session eagerly received the documentary DVD appropriately titled, “Drop the Mask”.

3. Our Social Entrepreneur Team under the direction of Rayshon Martin, created products to sell at the Open House Celebration and Awards Ceremony sponsored by the KUUMBA Foundation. Shae’Lae Shea Butter, Smile for Me Tee-Shirts were a hit for the students who were proud to make money from products that were created by their team.

4. Our Graphics Team under the direction of Stephan Muldrow and Lloyd Brown guided the students from drawings of masks (to support the DVD team) to actually producing full color graphic designs that sold at the Open House Celebration and Awards Ceremony.

5. Our Health and Wholeness Team under the direction of Estella Holeman researched and studied the professions of midwifery, massage therapy, physical therapy, dental hygiene, and nursing. Guests were provided with reflexology and hand massages at the Open House Celebration and Awards Ceremony.


Sojourner Truth 2011-2012 Field Trips: 

UCLA, HSI LAI Buddhist Temple, Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Pepperdine University, Long Beach Aquarium, Phantom Art Gallery in Long Beach CA.

In School Guest Presenters: Dr. Levi Harrison (Orthopedic Surgeon), Ray Davis (actor, singer and educator), Sabrina Johnson (professional singer and registered nurse), Benjamin Swatez (Visual Artist and Freedom Exhibit Coordinator), Dr. Mario (General Physician), Cesi Rodrigo (Professional Stylist)