Mission Statement

KUUMBA in Motion, is a mobile learning academy that rose from a shared dream and vision to nurture the creativity in children and to fill our communities with the joy of creating. In 2009 Dr.Rickie Byars Beckwith and a team of intergenerational artists and educators created a Saturday school for youth aged 4 to 18. From the opening day which started in Rickie’s backyard to the present which took their team into LAUSD Central High School, their work has been overwhelmingly successful. They bring skilled and unskilled together to build on the gifts of all and design interactive opportunities that inspire greater joy and well being into the hearts and minds children and their families. The KUUMBA Families are happier because of their journey together and this makes the world a better place.)


We celebrate all the time. We celebrate when a child/student discovers his/her unique voice and we build upon the belief that the real journey of education begins as we discover the gift that we each came to know, refine, and to share with the village.

We believe that what a child came to bring to the world will be divinely related to what he loves to do.

We believe that the more exposure anyone has to Nature, the Arts and Creative Sciences by means of fun-filled hands on interactive-activities, out of doors play and field trips to places that spark the imagination; the happier and more inspired the child will be.

We believe that inspiration activates potential and that a true education will reveal and hone the true potential in the child; and that the child will then be encouraged to bring his or her mighty gifts to the world.

We Create! We Celebrate!

LET THEM PLAY KUUMBA Arts Summer Camp utilizes the KUUMBA Way of Learning through Creativity, Fun and Discovery

Let Them Play is a full day camp

KUUMBA In Motion Expressing Transformation

Purpose statement

Our purpose is to celebrate the unity of life through a fun-filled expression of Art Music, Math and Movement. Grounded in mutual respect and in harmony with all of nature we celebrate the unique gifts and capacity of every person.